Moos • Moos is a brand for individual wall & room design made from natural raw materials.


Who is MOOS • MOOS?

Moos•Moos Manufaktur is headquartered in Oppach, Saxony, and draws on more than 20 years of experience in the area of natural moss. The foundation stone for this was laid by dry floristry. Especially reindeermoss,bunmoss– and woodmoss are popular products for architects, interior designers, room greeners, florists & gardeners.

What do we do?

We have realized that there is much more in all the moss we trade and produce with and have dealt with them more intensively. In recent years, we have invested our strength and energy in maintaining the optimal and perfect preparation as well as a permanent colour scheme of the mosses. Each moss reacts differently to colour and preparation. It is and will remain a natural product. The quality of the moss, which is determined by the weather and the climate, regulates how colour and preparation it assumes. It was therefore our greatest challenge to accept all mosses with their characteristics and as a natural product and to adapt and adapt our production accordingly.
The result is light colors and a preparation that remains permanent.

What makes us special?

After 20 years we know how and where our mosses grow. We know how to maintain them that the harvest will continue to be guaranteed in the years to come. Securing the raw material is the basis for any production and we can guarantee that. We also combine all processes up to the delivery of you under one roof of the Moos • Moos Manufacture.

Directly from the manufacturer!

Everything from a single source, from organizing the harvest at the right time, cleaning and drying the moss, we carry out every step of the work ourselves. We color and prepare it and have the view for lasting quality and colour. Our team also processes and manufactures the various items according to your special requests. We know what moss can do and how to treat it, so our team can develop new products that have a lasting quality in colour and durability. We pack, sell and deliver directly to you. This keeps everything in one hand, from the small moss flake from the forest to your desired product. For you that means communication and execution of your wishes with one contact person.

What is our motivation?

In our time more than ever, it is important to draw strength and to design our home and our workplaces in such a way that we can feel comfortable and compensate for stress. Linking natural products with architecture and interior design is therefore the logical consequence. Biophilic Design is precisely concerned with the fact that our spaces can make us more creative. Our motivation is to be able to integrate moss walls in every area of living and living with the focus of providing quality at top prices. We are convinced that customer proximity, which is created by reducing the distance between producers and customers, convinces you. We, the Moos • Moos Manufactur stand for quality in colour and preparation.

Moos • Moos is a brand for individual wall & room design made from natural raw materials.

Let’s Make The World More Green.

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